Saturday, 25 February 2017

This is a unit of 24 Victrix Miniatures Samnite infantry, i painted for a client as part of a four unit commission to my showcase standard,my client wanted them to have a tanned look so i gave the figures flesh a darker look as if they were from a sunny climate.

This is a unit of Imperial Roman Legionaries with the Legionary Oval shield by Aventine Miniatures which i painted for a client to my showcase standard.This is the senior cohort of a complete 10 cohort legion which i painted last year for my client.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

This a a unit of Elhiem 20mm cold war Soviets painted to wargames standard,they are superb moderns, Really well sculpted by the designer Matt Hingley.

These are 28MM Perry Miniatures Napoleonic French which i painted to my Wargames standard for a client who wanted to use them in  his games of 'Sharpe Practice'.

I paint to a couple of standards one is showcase and the second is wargames,here are some Britannia WW2 Afrika Korps and Japanese which i painted to wargames standard. The figures are Britannia Miniatures 20mm.

These are Armourfast 1/72 quick build Cromwell's. Armourfast make a nice range of various WW2 vehicles,they do not cost much,but need some help to bring the detail up. Here i used stowage sets made by S&S models.

Aventine Miniatures have a superb range of 28mm Ancient figures. They cover the wars of the early Roman Republic to the wars of 3rd Century Rome. Here is a unit of 12 Republican Roman Cavalry.